I'm Shweta Singhal

I’m Shweta Singhal, an entrepreneur and mother of two. I am a professional image consultant and a behavioural coach.

Aplomb is the heart of everything I do. I help people to achieve success in their personal, professional and social lives by working with them to enhance and maintain their image.

Image management is the art & science of crafting one’s image. It is a continuous process where we evaluate and control the impact of our appearance to create a powerful first impression and increasingly engaging subsequent ones.

The ABC of image management is Appearance, Body language and Communication. I work on all three aspects, helping individuals as well as groups in defining and expressing their own unique personalities to their benefit. My work emboldens and gives them the confidence they need to achieve success in all walks of life.

I strongly believe that your image is what you make of it. Like they say, “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within”. I strive to help my clients find their uniqueness and express it with confidence.

If you need some help with your image management or know somebody who does, please leave me a message on the contact form or connect with me on my social profiles. I'll be happy to share my knowledge and guidance.