Akshay Ghadge

Amazing concept application
Not many of us know of Image Management in reference to our personal lives. However, after getting in touch with Aplomb, I was able to understand my personal style better, i.e. use my wardrobe & my personality traits to create an impact within myself. I'm honored to be a client of Aplomb & hope to keep enhancing myself with their services

Ashok Misal

Cost Economic with Great Service
I was very impressed with their services and costing for the same. I had consulted Aplomb for my pre wedding attire & personal styling. The consultantion was accelerated step by step & Im glad i could meet my style requirements in coordination to my personality, occasion etc.

Tushar Deokar

A Pleasant Experience
I needed to revamp my wardrobe & some help in personal shopping. Aplomb was very easily accesible & approachable. I had a good experience personal shopping with their organization as they assisted me shop the best garments in accordance to my physical traits. My wardrobe is much more in order & in harmony for each occasion, event i have in my calendar. Aplomb is friendly, empathetic & very committed towards customer delight

Snehal Podar

An Eye Opening Experience
I'm a homemaker & never really possesed the knowledge of personal presentation, styling, etc. As every client of Aplomb would agree - they are very approachable, customer friendly & accesible, I was able to get in touch with them & avail their varied services in personal styling, wardrobe evaluation, make up, body language & how personal coloring can be used to groom oneself. I'm definitely going to continue my association with Aplomb & get my family, friends to avail their services for their personal development too.

Gajendra Naik

Very happy associating with Aplomb
I have a start-up. I enrolled for a workshop with my colleagues & some employees to understand how image management is so crucial to our success. Aplomb made us realize our personal goals, fashion goals & also helped us incline our attire & outfits to succeed in the work we do. I'm glad we crossed paths with Aplomb & could attend the group workshop on Image Management. We certainly feel we can "dress for success" and dress as per how we feel in the corporate, personal or social environment

Devanshi Jain

An Impressive Wedding Styled
I recently got married and as it goes - preparing for a wedding especially when it's your own, is a task. In an attempt to get the best wedding planner, I got in touch with Aplomb. Their approachable & customer delighting attitude reduced my mental burden as they styled my entire wedding & made it the most memorable day. Aplomb styles weddings like no other & also have a wide range of image management services that impressed me to now connect with them & enhance myself as well.

Aadita Gandhi

An Impressive Wedding Styled
I was in such confusion as far as considering garments, make up, style etc for my daughter's wedding. As i was seeking help for the same, I approached Aplomb & it was the best decision i made to make my daughter's wedding a grand success. Aplomb has a very committed, creative & solution oriented approach such that they helped dress & style not only my daughter but all of us to perfection. We are utmost thankful to Aplomb & hope to extend a lifetime relationship with them for their fabulous services.

Kartick Iyer

Shweta is passionate about training professionals
Shweta’s training workshop is a great opportunity for professionals to up skill and develop the leadership team and modulate for success in any organization-resulting in high performance, employee engagement, retention and a positive and healthy outlook towards life.
Shweta’s background, experience and fascination with the impact of people she creates helps professionals achieving business targets. She holds a strong belief that the success of a business depends on the positive attitudes of effective people and leadership strategy and strives her efforts to addressing people issues as a priority. I would recommend Shweta to all her future clients. All the best Shweta!.